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Travelling always meant to me, I need technical stuff, as my camera was and will be always with me. And as I am an enthusiast for high quality products, this meant quite some heavy gear based on my Nikon camera equipment.

Currently, I am using a Nikon D850 and in the transition process towards the Z(9) system. Main reason for the “slow” transition is: I have a lot of (heavy) glass, i.e. most of the /f2.8 Nikkor Lenses and I am reluctant to buy all these lenses for the Z system, again. Nikon’s F to Z adapter “FTZ II” is here to help – the version II is smaller than the first version as it omits the Tripod terminal which prevented the old adapter to be used with the Z9.

I also like to travel prepared and with proper equipment to be able to backup my storage media. But while in ancient ages a mobile backup device like a Jobo Giga Vu Pro was completely sufficient, today’s memory cards may even be bigger than the SSD of a laptop – so new backup media is required.

For our U.S. trip, I am planning to pack these items into my “Techniktüte”:

ASUS Zenbook Space EditionNotebookAs a space nerd, I HAD to have the Space Edition 🙂
UGREEN Nexode 200W Desktop ChargerMains Power SupplyReplacing all other PSUs as it can power 6 devices at once
ESSAGER Thunderbolt3 Dock with NVMe SlotUSB Hub, SD Card Reader & SSD BackupFast reader, has SD Card and NVMe Slot for Memory Card Backups to SSD
Crucial P3 4TB NVMeBackup MediaProbably not the fastest for desktop use but good price / performance for mobile backup
SanDisk CFexpress Card ReaderReader for D850 CFx mediaBackup of CFexpress Cards
INIU Power Bank 20000 mAhMobile powerSmall but powerful, can fast charge several devices at once
Power Bank 20000 mAhMobile power 2As we are travelling together, my daugther needs mobile juice, too
Nikon MH-25aCharger for EN-EL15 batteries Nikon D850
Nikon EN-EL15Backup Batteries Nikon D850
Transcend CFexpress 512GBPrimary memory card for D850Used in main Card Slot in D850
Sabrent SDXC 512GBIn-Camera Backup2nd Card Slot in D850
Nikon MH-32Charger for EN-EL25 batteriesMy daughter’s Nikon Z fc
EN-EL25 BatteriesBackup BatteriesNikon Z fc
Samsung EVO Select 512 GB SDXCMemory CardNikon Z fc
Bodyguard Colt Camera BagNikon Z fc
GoPro Hero 10Action CamFor extreme purposes where we don’t want to risk our main cameras (like whitewater rafting)
DuraPRO Batteries & Chargerextra Power for GoPro
NEEWER 50 in 1 GoPro Accessory KitGoPro Accessories kitGoPro goes anywhere 😉
DigiPower Re-Fuel Battery PackLonger juice for GoProUseful for timelapses while on the road
Nikon FTZ IIUse Nikon F lenses on Z camerasI can use my heavy F glass on a Z camera, the II version has no Tripod port so it can be used with the Nikon Z9
Note: I added Amazon Affiliate links so when you click a link and buy the product from Amazon, I will receive a small commission which hopefully will help me to cover the cost for hosting this blog. You will pay the same price on Amazon no matter if you click the link here or seach on Amazon yourself.

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